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Animal transport and violation of the Regulation EC No. 1/2005: the petitions in front of the Petition Committee of the EU Parliament
Data: 09 Ott 2019
Autore: Manuela Giacomini

During the last October 2nd, I’ve attended the second meeting of the Petition Committee of the EU Parliament, during which my petitions on behalf Animal Welfare Foundation (about the violation of the Regulation EC 1/2005 on the protection of the animals during the transport) were scheduled for the discussion.

Once again, the discussion has been really positive and the Peti Committee decided to keep open our petitions until the filing of the overview report from the EU Commission about this issue.

The response of the Members of the EU Parliament was overall positive, and I was able to observe a willingness on their behalf to push forward the petitions in order to maintain the pressure on this matter.

Manuela Giacomini

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