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Giuseppe Giacomini (Conte & Giacomini law firm from Italy), Paul Le Fèvre (Kiejman & Marembert law firm from France), Christian Rosinus (Rosinus Partner law firm from Germany), Laurent Kennes (UGKA law firm from Belgium) and Jaime Campaner (Campaner Muñoz law firm from Spain) announce the creation of the first network of European lawyers dedicated exclusively to the assistance of litigants involved in the procedures launched by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (“EPPO”). 

This network, named DEFENSE FIRST, is composed of one lawyer per European Union member state, mirroring the EPPO.

The lawyers of DEFENSE FIRST are leading lawyers in their respective countries, specialized in white collar crime and perfectly mastering the different languages of the European Union. 

The primary vocation of DEFENSE FIRST is to guarantee litigants an operational defense with a flexible and reactive functioning able to address in real time the investigations of the EPPO in a simultaneous and coordinated manner all over Europe. In this respect, DEFENSE FIRST is conceived as a legal task-force able to effectively counterbalance the powerful prerogatives of the EPPO. 

DEFENSE FIRST will act not only before the national jurisdictions involved in the procedures of the EPPO but also before the Court of Justice of the European Union whenever the interests of the litigants require it. 

DEFENSE FIRST will also set up a database gathering critical information on the functioning of the EPPO following the outcome of the various proceedings initiated (dismissal, indictment before trial court, conviction, acquittal) as well as on the type and quantum of the penalties pronounced. 

Information will be shared with European lawyers and the public through the page on the social network LinkedIn. 

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