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Why Europe?
Data: 17 Apr 2019
Autore: Giuseppe Giacomini

In una recentissima occasione ho avuto modo di incontrare l’ex Direttore dell’Economist Bill Emmot e di scambiare opinioni sull’Italia e sul confronto tra le sovranità nazionali, rivendicate da molti, e la costituente sovranità Europea, auspicata da altri.

Emmot è un inglese alle prese coi tormenti della Brexit e conosce molto bene il nostro paese e l’Europa.

Sintetizzo le tesi che gli ho espresso:

  • Conservative and progressive, right and left are not outdated conceptions but their content has changed profoundly and this content varies greatly when applied to the national or European dimension
  • Global economic and political competition is very aggressive and the big players (USA,China,Russia…) follow geopolitical strategies to redesign their areas of influence in the word
  • None of them want a united and strong Europe
  • None of the individual European states can compete with them
  • Individual European states including Germany will be unable to compete at this level and will be swallowed by the bigger fish
  • The heavy interference in the internal political dynamics of individual states is proof of this strategy and European elections in Italy may well be decisive for the continent
  • In this scenario national sovereignties do not exist and the only one having an effective content is the European sovereignty. We must hope that the US understands that their global competition with China and Russia requires a strong and autonomous Europe, as it is in their interest
  • Europe and its governance must be reinforced perhaps starting from a small group of countries : Germany, France, Italy, Spain and even England. It might be legally complicated but politically useful to grant a one-year extension regarding the subject of Brexit
  • They so called populisms are the consequence of errors in European policies (social economic strategies, immigration…) as well as European values being badly communicated
  • To give an example of good, simple and correct communication on this point: we can ask an ordinary person if having to face any serious legal or health problem they would prefer to face it in the US, China or Russia or in any European country. Their answer almost certainly represents the values of the rule of law and of welfare as we Europeans understand it. It makes a difference
  • We also must explain that the national state does not give up its sovereignty in strategic sectors but transfers it to effectively defend this concrete common values. The style of life that our enemies Islamic extremists well recognize and strike throughout Europe
  • And this common values correspond to social, fiscal, judicial system , immigration, research, logistic and digital infrastructures, environment, commercial policies, antitrust and state aid reform, budget proportionate to the new purposes, Central Bank reform and of course common foreign and defence policy
  • This is the only possible European sovereignty capable of defending the interest of European citizens in the context of compatible alliances
  • Italian risk is more political than economic and I would suggest acting in every and any lawful way possible to strengthen the European ideal by rising awareness among voters of the benefits of the European community
  • Before choosing right or left Italy as well other countries has to choose whether or not to stay in Europe

Giuseppe M.Giacomini


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